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ROWANS - recovering our wild and natural spaces

ROWANS is an environmental group and part of Rothbury CAN.

We are currently in a maintenance stage with lots of work being undertaken to look after the various projects established over the last two years. We have planted a selection of trees and hedging in the grounds of Rothbury Community Hospital, the cemetery, and the edge of the field below overlooking the golf course. These all need regular weeding to avoid losing them amongst the nettles and docks.

Our wild meadow made progress this year after a rather shaky start and can be seen to the left of the main hospital entrance and a new meadow has been seeded below the cemetery overlooking the golf course

We have adopted the willow tunnel and tipi beside the river west of Beggars Rigg and this is certainly challenging at times as the willow gets very tall and unwieldy. At the moment they look like crazy wild creatures but it is nearly time to go and trim them and tie in the escaping willow branches.

We display photographs of our work at The Great Big Green Day in Rothbury every September and hold our Apple Day in October in front of the Parish Rooms.

As you can imagine, this work needs lots of volunteers and we are always looking for offers of help which can be as little as an hour now and then or longer if you have the time. Please look at our Instagram page for some great photos of our work and contact

if you’d like to volunteer.

Through planting native wild flower seeds, wild life friendly shrubs and trees we hope to increase biodiversity and improve existing wildlife corridors

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