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Northumberland Green Hub (NGH)

                                                          Rothbury CAN is a member of NGH

Northumberland Green Hub (NGH)

Statement of Purpose


The Northumberland Green Hub:

  • Is a collection of community groups based in and around north Northumberland who are involved in tackling climate, environmental and sustainability issues

  • Is open to as many members of a community group that want to join

  • Is open to individuals who are not a member of a group

  • Will evolve to reflect the needs of its members.



NGH’s Objectives are to:

  • Provide a space for people to meet, learn and collaborate on issues of shared interest

  • Provide a supportive, welcoming and enjoyable environment

  • Share information about the activities of member groups and individuals

  • Publicise initiatives, events, opportunities and funding from organisations working locally and nationally

  • Provide a platform through which to share skills and knowledge

  • Create a stronger voice by speaking and acting together on issues of common interest and concern.


Members of NGH should (where appropriate):

  • Act as a link between NGH and the groups to which they belong

  • Be able to represent both their own and the views of their group within NGH

  • Be able to feed back to their group about NGH

NGH Monthly Digests 

We have decided to put a link to the Northumberland Green Hub, and not keep the updates here. You can find all the Digests (updates) on their website
Here is the website:    NGH
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